Whats the fastest read/write SSD out there now?

Hello, so I'm looking to change my hard drives. I want to buy 2 SSD drives I'm looking for the fastest read / write SSD (something that will give me real world performance) in the 120GB range

From what I read the fastest drive on the market now is the Samsung 840 Pro 128GB
It has a 550 read 390 write

I have been told that Kingston Hyper X is the champ but looking at the specs it does 540 / 450

I currently have OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS which does 550 / 500

I have heard countless complaints about OCZ about reliability but I have never once had an issue (it has probably been the best drive i've ever owned)

By all searches I've made the Vertex 3 Max IOPS still has the fastest read and write I can find.

It can't be that in 2 years no drive has come out that is faster than this drive?

Any thoughts? I'd like to perhaps upgrade to something faster if there is.
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    The problem is that SATA III can only support up to 600 MB/s. Not only will you not see a huge difference in 550 to 600, but you really won't see much of a difference between 400 and 600 in most real world settings.
  2. In normal desktop ops, you will not see much if any difference moving between SATA III drives.

    I have a Kingston HyperX 3K. I also have a Sandisk something. They are both very, very fast.

    Don't change for a theoretical speed increase....only add if you want more SSD space.
  3. So in essence what you are saying is keep my Vertex 3 since they work fine and buy something that has about 500mb read write at the cheapest I can find?

    Any recommendations?
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