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I have been having a problem over the last two weeks. When the problem first began I noticed windows would just randomly freeze during web browsing or even playing lite games (my son was playing minecraft). When it finally "died" or quit loading windows basically I can not get windows to completely load and be fully operational. I had been using an XFX Radeon HD 5450 video card but uninstalled it during the process of googeling my issue. Sometimes windows will load to the point of showing the desktop and everything making all appear normal. When this happens, as soon as I click to do ANYTHING it freezes up. The majority of the time it doesn't even fully load windows but the area it pauses on is random. Sometimes I get to the user password screen and after entering the password it freezes. Sometimes it will load up nearly complete by showing everything on the desktop except my icons (it shows my wallpaper and the taskbar). Sometimes it doesn't even get to the password screen. It seems totally random and has confused me to the point that I need outside help or opinions.

I haven't tried doing much to fix it because it doesn't allow me to load windows fully operationally. Here is what I have tried:

1 - Using a different monitor
2 - Using a different monitor cable
3 - Using onboard graphics instead of GPU
4 - Cleaning with Endust

I have tried some diagnostic tests included with Windows 7 too like HDD tests and Memory tests. All of those seemed to pass with no issues. A quick virus scan using Microsoft Security Essentials was ran on the computer at most 2 days before it "died." I don't believe anything major is wrong but I am not sure how to solve this. I bought the computer used and did not get a Windows 7 disc of any kind. I am thinking my video adapters are corrupted. Not sure what to do. If my motherboard was bad I wouldn't be getting these results right? I know if the PCI slot was not working the onboard graphics should have worked and vice versa so I'm just stuck and need some additional advice. Any intuitive help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. I accidentally clicked solved here and i'm not sure how to change that. So you would recommend trying a different power supply? I will do that now and see if that changes things.
  2. Well I had an older system that I was going to take the PSU out of and swap it in to the ailing system. Unfortunately the older system had a 20 pin ATX PSU instead of the 24 I needed to test. Anyone else have any ideas or are you in agreement that the PSU is bad?
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