Will a AMD FX-8120 (3.1 GHZ) Bottleneck a gtx 780 or 780ti

Will a AMD FX-8120 (3.1 GHZ) Bottleneck a gtx 780 or 780ti? just want to know im looking to OC to 4.5Ghz in the future.

my mobo is Biostar TA990FXE.
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  1. Vishera CPU's wont bottleneck with even a single titan after that they start to get less performance. What res are you gonna be playing at?
  2. i play at 1080 x 1920
  3. You should be just fine. Although dropping $500 on a GPU of that sort and only getting a $150 CPU is not a great idea. Maybe push for a 8350 like "u_gonna _squeal" said", or maybe go intel.
  4. I'll have a long think about it i might upgrade my CPU to AMD FX 9590.
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    Bottlenecks happen with all CPU's, depending on the game. It just may not be a big deal. The AMD CPU's like the ones you are talking about, are slower than Intel versions, but they aren't terrible in most games, but in some games, usually ones that aren't well threaded, Intel does a lot better.

    Example of the good:

    Example of the bad:
  6. I agree yet again with squeal.
  7. yeah youre right i think im going to go with AMD FX 8350 then thanks.
  8. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    ironsidexx said:
    I'll have a long think about it i might upgrade my CPU to AMD FX 9590.

    Even at the current, much much lower price of $370, the FX 9590 is still a poor value compared to the 8350. They are basically the same CPU except the 9590 has a higher TDP but only a sligt, 700 MHz, overclock. In my opinion, $170 is not worth a mere 700 MHz. You could simply buy a $100 H100i and overclock the 4.0 GHz 8350 to 4.7 GHz and you will have a 9590 and spend the extra $70 on something else. Another drawback is the motherboard. A 9590 needs a motherboard compatible with 220w CPUs. Most of them are high end and expensive while the 125w 8350 will work with just about any run of the mill FX compatible board.

    Keep in mind, if you OC that 8350 to the same clocks as the 9590, it'll need a good motherboard as well, as you will be increasing its TDP in the process.
  9. just get the 8350, not the 9xxx cpu's. the 9xxx cpu's require watercooling i believe, 220w of power so psu requirements are also through the roof. amd's 9xxx cpu's are the most stupid cpu since the p4 extreme edition. overpriced, overclocked, under-performing. Wouldnt bother changing motherboards for overclocking, may as well just swap to intel if your going to spend that much money.
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