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Hey guys, I've been attempting to port forward from my PC for a lot of reasons. The only catch is I'm running wifi from my apple airport to my mac. Is there any way to solve this. Mac's are great but suck for 2 things, networking and gaming.

Sorry for the trouble,
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  1. as long as you can get into ur network gateway (router IP), you should be able to port forward without a problem.
    Port forwarding is a service provided by your router not your pc/mac.
    Not too familiar with MACs so my brain limits me to here... good luck!
  2. Well my gateway is a number and it shows nothing when I put it in my browser.
  3. see this could help you find what your looking for https://www.google.ca/#q=+apple+airport+to+my+mac
  4. No my problem is with the gateway ip not showing my router home screen.
  5. what kind of a router is it?
    did you try using different browsers?
  6. Yes different browsers and even different computers, and it is set up for windows.
  7. can you reach your router with any other computer? and is the gateway that showsup when you ipconfig? make sure to restart your router and re-plug ur comp
  8. Have you tried accessing the router via an Ethernet cable? Quite often routers won't accept logins via wireless for security reasons.

    If you still can't access, have you tried accessing vis HTTPS, rather than HTTP?
  9. Well I'd like to run it remotly
  10. i misunderstood that you have an AIRPORT inbetween your modem and router... lol
    i believe airport is like an AP and assigns a completely different network address from your actual router.
    the is probably the airport network address...like i said i am not familiar with MACs...
    can you go into your airport settings and set the assigning DHCP to what your router is spreading as?
    AirPort Utility > Manual Setup > Internet > DHCP Beginning address to 192.168.y.x( y = your network address, x = your PC address) from 10.0.y.x?
    try that ... when you obtain the same network address as your router, you should be able to access the router by typing the gateway...
    hate macs..just my opinion lol
  11. Mac is for work lol, hate the airport but routers in best spot possible currently though thanks I'll test it out probably tomorrow.
  12. how do I find the x and the y?
  13. Sorry, but I'm struggling to understand your requirement. Is the issue that you cannot access your router? (

    If so, you should try my advice above. If the issue is wired access only, then you can always change the access to include wireless within the GUI.
  14. you dont need to find the x, and y. i just placed it there for an example...
    just simply make sure that ur airport is giving your mac a DHCP with the same network as the ROUTER is giving to the connected PCs
    air port usually give dhcp of network...you should change the airport DHCP config to 192.168.1.x(random number)
  15. Martin I don't think you quite understand the argument with wired access. Nuix knows what the issue apples just being an complete jerk haha. Nuix i'll try that sorry I'm not much of a networking wiz haha.
  16. its okay. just find the airport settings menu as i stated above...and see if that helps...which it should when you get the airport to assign the right DHCP that has the same network given from the actual router (in which your airport is connected to), you will be able to remotely access the router as you wish...let me know! (i hate macs, and i cant stress it enough. lol)
  17. still dont know where to go onece i'm in the airport. I get to the internet tab but don't have a clue how to change the DHCP address. Sorry I'm hardware lol but I'll keep trying.
  18. you diid not check your airport user manual or use one off my link to find how .
  19. honestly man I've read the manual but didn't fin much use out of it. I'm trying to portfoward a fricken mac. I don't really know what on earth I'm doing and the manuals spec are old.
  20. Can u post a screenshot of the airport pages? Ill tell u where
  21. the second link is with os 10.5 so realy new .
  22. Okay I'll read the new manual and post a screenshot.
  23. Okay I'll read the new manual and post a screenshot.
  24. http://support.apple.com/manuals/#airport go here and look and tell me the model number, Ill look into the manual.
    Lets solve this issue, if you havent solved it yet.
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