My HDD's are inaccessbile in windows after cloning my os's to a new SSD...HELP???

First off...let me say I make my living as a Network this ones really got me stumped. I have a dual boot Windows 7 and Linux mint 15 machine. I have 5 storage drives in it. I have 4 HDD and one NEW SSD. To make it simple...lets forget about the other 2 HDD's. I want to clone from my HDD with the OS's on it to the new SSD. I still need access to the other HDD's especially 2 of them. I have used 4 different kinds of cloning software including Samsungs SSD...which failed. At first I could see ALL my storage on both OS's but the problem was I was set in IDE mode in BIOS. I need AHCI for the best performance of the SSD. When I switched it to AHCI windows wouldnt boot...linux did. I made some registry edits and got windows to boot. After this my HDD's were NOT listed in computer management nor in my computer...i.e. no access...but they are listed in linux. I re-cloned this procedure several different times got them to show in computer managment but dont have access to them in my computer. Linux shows them fine either way IDE or AHCI. How in the world can i clone both OS's onto my SSD in AHCI mode and have access to all HDD's in linux and windows?? thats the question. Thanks!

P.S. I DO NOT want to reinstall both OS's

P.S.S. I called Samsung tech support and I know more than they do...they basically said it was OOS...out of scope and you cant put two OS's on a SSD...(which is NOT true).

P.S.S.S I scoured the inet for a resolve but havents seen this case yet...please help if you know!!!
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    I would first try to do the registry edits(to get AHCI) on the working hard drive.

    With 2 operating systems you are adding a layer of fun. What is your boot manager?

    With windows it self, the windows boot manager needs to be edited to compensate for the new start location of the Windows partition, but I have no experience with the linux boot managers. The boot manager is the place I would start.

    First and foremost you should try to get Windows in AHCI mode on the hard drive just to eliminate that as a future problem. I have moved from IDE -> AHCI and RAId -> AHCI without issues with just the registry trick.

    Depending on the system configuration you may need to reinstall the storage drivers after the switch as well.

    I have never actually lost a drive after clone. I always have extra drives disconnected while doing all this and they always come right back after plugging them in.
  2. The boot isnt the problem...I've solved that with reg edit...I was thinking it might be the HDD drivers but I had it working at first in IDE mode. I did make the mistake last year of installing both OS's in IDE mode. Dont know how that happened...must of been in a hurry since my HDD's are all SATA 6/bps w/ the MB. I'm thinking that because I installed the OS's in IDE mode...there may not be a way to get it to work properly in AHCI mode after cloning. Basically my issue is on winodws side my HDD's arent showing in my computer so i can get my data. It DOES show in comp. mgmnt tho. I will check the drivers and give an update.

    P.S. Linux uses some modified windows boot mgr. so its a windows boot mgr for both...the issue is with windows not linux
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