best cpu+motherboards combo for bf4 300~400$

Pretty thats it

I am looking for cpu and motherboard under 400$ that can handle my r9 290 non-x which i already own, for gaming

For the future i will oc using water loop not enthausest though, and i will be adding another one graphic card.

What i am doing with my pc manly if not only playing bf4
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  1. I5 4670k + Z87 mobo is easily under $400
    I7 4770 + Z87 mobo is possible with the right sale.
    I7 3770k + Z77 mobo could be a possibility.

    FX 8350 + 990FX mobo and still have enough $ to get a good cooler for $400
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  3. Thank you both i also coming to similar conclusion will check my budget and decide
  4. Just watch this first before you decide :)

    I never knew that fx 8350 is a true beast for a price. On paper it seems like its a little bit outperformed by competition, but on real life scenarios and specially multitasking... its truly a beast of a processor.

    ASUS m5a99x evo r2 - 149.99$ (-20$ rebate)
    FX 8350 - 199.99$
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