With four slots for ram memory...can you mix a 2 gig and two 1 gigs to make the max of 4 gigs

I have a Dell Desktop with four slot for ram memory. It came with 2 (one) gig chips...I have a 2 gig matching ram memory chip...can I put the 2 gig in one bank and the other 2 (one) gigs in the other bank?

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  1. if they are both the same 2 gig it will see 4 gig but on the title you put 2 and the 2 of 1 giig each stick so that wont made 4 gig .
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    Im sure the 2 ONE GIG MEM CHIPS WAS IN EITHER 13 OR 2 AND 4 SLOTS FOR DUAL MEM BANDWITH OK... if you have the 2 in there and add a single 3rd chip you will loose out on the dual mem bandwith.
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