Cpu at 100c after re-applying thermal paste

Hello everyone.

So my i7 960 was over heating and shutting down when i play games or put too much stress on it. My nvidia gpu was also kinda hot but still in the ends of the safe zone.

I removed the old 2 years old thermal pastes from both cpu and gpu with cotton wipes and 90% alcohol. Applied a thin layer of arctic silver 5. Now the gpu is way better around 5-7c drop when idle, however the cpu is always on 100c now and after a few minutes the pc shuts down.

I thought maybe i didn't use enough thermal so i added a little more, the heatsink is properly sitting on the cpu and touching it, the cpu fan is also working fine. After adding a little bit more thermal the temp is now 98-100c.

Any ideas? Does the paste needs some time to break? Shd i use more of it, it's a thin even layer covering the cpu, similar to what i did for the gpu and the gpu got better while the cpu is now burning.

Thanks and waiting for your ideas.
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    I'd guess that your heatsink isn't properly connected. That is definitely way too hot. You only want a small pea sized drop on the cpu, then apply the heatsink and the pressure will force the compound to spread out. Make sure you measure the temps with the case closed up like normal because a lot can depend on the overall air flow in the case, which won't happen with the side panel off.
  2. Don't use the "spread" method of applying thermal paste. It causes air bubbles which can compromise how well the TIM actually works with moving the heat from the "hot zone" on the IHS to the actual heatsink/fan.

    I recommend using the pea method in the middle or doing the "line" method that covers the "hot zone" of your CPU's IHS.
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