PC became too slow suddenly??

I own a PC -

Intel core 2 duo 2.8 ghz
ATI Radeon 6670 GPU/
200 W psu

PC was working fine for like 2-3 months.
Today suddenly baam tooo slow.
Veryy laggy.

A difference i notice is from my Cabinet i hear a loud noise of whirling fan (never heard before)

And then it suddenly stops and everthing ok for some time.

Then again loud noise and lagg.

[p.s. many times while switching from lagg to no lagg i get a windows error -conhost.exe has stopped working]
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  1. Best answer
    Check for viruses and also post temperatures.
  2. Please tell me how to check temperatures.
  3. Bitdifender rocksss!!

    Scanned my PC with it virus gone in 2 mins..;P
    Thanx Foldalot
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