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Hi guys,

I recently bought a decent Lenovo Ideapad G505s laptop for casual gaming and work and soon as I started the first game I realized somethings wrong.

For expamle when I try to run Saints Row IV and run settings autodetect according to my system optimal performance I always end on ultra high, but when I try to run the game I am on something around 4FPS. When I set the minimal resolution, turn off shadows,lightings etc. and set all the things on low I can barely get on 8-10FPS. Its the same on Far Cry 3,LEGO Marvel super heroes (Hey I have a kid, okay? :D), Prototype 2..everything.

Its weird, because the performance it should deliver is much much higher. Even the casual work on the pc feels "laggy"

My laptop specs:
Model: Lenovo IdeaPad g505s
Processor: AMD QuadCore A8-4500M, 4 cores of 1,9GHz with 2,8 core boost
Graphic Card: AMD Radeon HD8570M with 2048 MB and dual graphics
OS: Windows 8 64bit

I have the latest DirectX installed and all the drivers installed from the manufacturer. I ran X diagnostic tools including the Lenovo solutions but nothing found a problem.

What do you suggest guys? Maybe clean install of windows and double checking all the drivers are present?

Thx a lot for help,

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  1. Well, for saints row IV you fall short of the minimum recommended hardware requirements, and are even further behind the requirements for Far Cry 3. I'm not familiar with the other games but I would imagine it's the same thing there.
    So basically with the hardware you have the expected result is that the games would be unplayable. There is nothing you're going to tweak in Windows that will change that.
  2. Well my GF have a 4years old Asus with half the hardware performance my brand new Lenovo has. There for example, I can run Far Cry 3 on nearly full details. I cant even think about playing that game on Lenovo.
  3. Right I understand that but you have a *really* bad GPU in this laptop. It is not designed for gaming at all. Consider that the single biggest factor in determining gaming performance is the GPU and you have a bad one. To put some numbers behind this, your 8570M has a 3dmark 11 score of 1200 to 1400. My 8800 Ultra from 2006, 7 years old, scores higher then that. Sub 100 dollar, *entry level* cards like the gtx650 score more than twice that.
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