Why is my GPU Core Clock Speed 324 MHz and not 849 MHz for 780M Graphics Card?

I have an MSi GT70 Dragon Edition 2 laptop that has an i7-4700MQ cpu and 780M graphics card by Nvidia. my question is, when im playing a game like Assassin's Creed 3, why does MSi afterburner say that my core clock speed is 324 Mhz? shouldn't it be its normal clock speed of 849 Mhz?

MSi afterburner says
FPS = 77.1, 12.2ms
GPU = 324MHz, 92C, 78%
Mem: 2500 MHz
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  1. This is under load I am assuming?

    Its reaching 92C at 324MHz?

    That is some seriously high temps. Have it RMAd.
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    Its lower clock because of the heat. That laptop needs to be set on a well ventilated surface for good airflow. The gpu declocks itself to reduce heat. Try upping the fan speeds to help. If you are setting the laptop on a bed or blankets while playing thats a very bad idea. Hard surfaces only or a chill pad.
  3. Ok so i found out that MSi afterburner is actually showing 324MHz when in reality it is going at 849Mhz. i updated my afterburner and it fixed that. I also hit up another forum and found out that was the cause. if i had used a different program to check the core clock speed i may have resolved the issue right there and then.

    thanks for our support everyone
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