Nvidia Kernel Driver Crashing when PC is Put to Sleep?

So just like the title said, my display driver crashes whenever I try to wake my computer from sleep mode. Normally I'll move my mouse around quite a bit and about 10-15 seconds later the screen will boot up and a notification in the bottom right hand corner will appear saying that the driver has crashed. I have an EVGA GTX 660 Superclocked 2GB edition, by the way. Also, I have done clean driver installs through GeForce Experience, and I am on the latest drivers. Could anyone help me fix this problem?
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  1. Was this happening with the older drivers?
  2. Yes, they have happened with every driver that I have used so far, and I've had this GPU for about 7 months now but never got around to making a post. Just saying that because it isn't just these series of drivers, it's been all of them.
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    I hope it wont be a problem but since Kiwi didnt get any answer I will just say that you are not alone. I bought msi 650 ti boost twin frozr 2 weeks ago. There is no problems with gaming, stress testing or just web browsing. But every once in a while when I wake my PC from sleep it will take longer than usual few seconds, more like 10-15 seconds then monitor will turn on and pc will work as usual but when I check event viewer I see "driver stopped responding" alone or with event 14 nvlddmkm.

    It wont happen everytime I wake it, sometimes I wake it without problems for whole day including sleep lasting 6 hours, and then 10th or 15th time it will do it again. It doesnt happen all the time so its hard to reproduce it. I tried 2 latest whql drivers and 314.22 all have it.

    Maybe we can revive this thread and find more people with it so I wont be making new topic ?
  5. I found this happens only when I have google chrome running before I put the PC to sleep.
    So everytime I put my PC to sleep, I close any chrome windows open and check task manager and force close any chrome processes and put it to sleep. So far with this workaround, I didn't have issues waking from sleep. Anybody else noticed this before?

    I'm on Nvidia GeForce GT640
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    I'm experiencing the same problem (black screen upon waking the PC). I found that disabling the iGPU, in the bios, of my i5-4460 has helped. I'm running windows 10 with up to date drivers on my GTX 760.
    Try the above mention trick guys and post back to see if this solution is only applicable to me.
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