Athlon II X4 620 to fx 6300 or phenom X6?

I've been considering upgrading my old Athlon II X4 620 to at least a fx 6300 or phenom II 955 or 1090T. I want to know which would be worth my money more, as i have upgraded everything else in my system, and this seems to be the next logical choice. My specs are:
Gigabyte 970-d3p mobo
2gbx4 crucial 1600 ram
athlon II X4 OCed to 3.4ghz
Powercolor hd 7850 OCed to 1050 core 1450 mem
1.5tb wd green
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  1. FX6300 all day. The 6300 , contrary to popular belief, will beat out the 1090T due to newer instruction sets and multithreaded performance. What is your PSU BTW?
  2. it is a 675watt diablotek psu, not 80 plus unfortunatly, but still more than enough for what i have
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    The FX-6300 Vishera is $110 with code EMCWWWL22.

    Not sure if it will work with your case, but the Corsair Hydro Series H90 Water Cooler has been on sale the last few weeks with a rebate -- ultimate cost was less than $50.

    Can't get much better than that to push your HD 7850.
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