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anyone still using nvidia 9800 gtx cards having problems with new drivers and what drivers works best for this card mainly with fsx.
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  1. The newest drivers are addressing issues with newer cards, optimization for the 9800GTX finished years ago. Really do not know what drivers to use but something at least 2years old if supported by your OS.
  2. I was thinking about going back to the 25x.xx or 29x.xx drivers. they are several years old.
  3. It is just a matter of trying. I would start with the 29x.xx.
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    The Driver 327.23 is a very good driver for the 9800 GTX+ It is the one I recommend. It was the last one optimized for 8000 9000 series. I was able to play GTA 4 Really smooth with that driver. Just use custom install and do not include experience or Nvidia update.
  5. thanks. i am going to run 296.10 and see how that works. will be upgrading to a gtx 660 if I can find a holiday deal.
  6. That would be a nice upgrade.
  7. built this rig about 5 yrs ago so grossly outdated. will be passing down to my son in a couple of years and will then build a more current rig. just trying to get by till then while still remaining somewhat current without dropping $$$. e8600 ocd to 4 ghz, asus p5q deluxe mobo, 4 gigs of ram, 600 watt psu so should be able to handle a gtx 660 without too much trouble. all i use it for now is ms flight sim. thanks for the help.
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