port forwarding failed

i connected my dvr through a modem and a router...i cant use port is closed..i tried many ports..but all ports are default ip of modem is and i use dlink router dir -600..its ip is i set the dvr ip as help me..
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  1. The easiest thing to do is enable UPnP (universal plug n play) in your router. this will allow your dvr to send requests to the router to open any necessary ports and forward them to the dvr.

    Also, opening random ports will do you no good. You need to know which ports your dvr uses and forward those ports. As stated, UPnP is the easier of the two options.
  2. Try UPnP first. If that doesn't work you will have to find which ports to open and then configure a static IP address before you forward the ports.
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    there should be a network setting section on your DVR program...check in can see and configure...then move onto port forwarding. forget the dhcp set it to auto or just make sure the DVR is assigned DHCP correctly and has access to ur router. then port forward the port that is listed on the DVR network settings.
    after you have correctly everything, and connect to it.
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