Problems with graphics card after switching to new mobo

Hi guys i recently used a z77n mini itx and 3750k I had lying around to update my pc but now my screen wont display anything EXCEPT when i use a dvi to vga adapter inserted in my graphics card, i dont know it's name and it doesn't detect the card in the device manager. Also, i need to tape the vga cable in a weird angle otherwise the screen works but has a lightblue 'filter' everthing still works but is displayed in a lightblue fashion. I'm using the onboard graphics at the moment. thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. what kind of gpu? sounds like the board has a faulty pci slot, so try another. If that card works fine in the old mobo its obviously the mobo switch. If you have problems on both mobos, RMA the video card
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    its was a amd r5770 but it was a driver related problem and is now fixed ty for the reply ;)
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