Hard Drive Failure (Re-Installing Windows)

I own an Asus Q500A, bought approximately 11 months ago from Best Buy. My hard drive failed last month due to unknown causes. However, I decided to not use the warranty and simply upgrade my hard drive to a 7200RPM. My HD came in yesterday and I installed it into the laptop, but now I do not have any OS on it.

My laptop came with no Windows 8 CD, it was simply built in. How could I install my original Windows 8 on it? I do not have access to any other computers and without an OS, of course, I am unable to get past the BIOS.
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    Your best bet is to look at the product ID at the bottom. Contact Microsoft and tr to file a claim with them, I was able to do that once no questions asked. They will make a disk image and email it to you.
  2. Okay great! Thank you very much, I shall try it.
  3. i recomend you still rma the laptop any way to get the hard drive for free and still use new one and use old as storage just my 2 cents
  4. I purchased 8.1 instead of 8 the other dAy (8.1 is incompatible with vista) they gave me a free copy of 8 pro
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