Windows 8.1 not booting after installation of Windows 7

I had windows 8.1 and I installed windows 7 from a USB and now the default boot is windows 7 and there is no option to choose windows 8.1. How can I get the windows 8.1 boot option page to show up?

Also, in windows 7 it says windows cannot detect any network hardware. Do i need to install a driver or something? any help is appreciated
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    If you left the hard drive with Windows 8.1 installed, the Windows 7 installer probably overwrote the boot options. This is why it is always recommended to install each copy of Windows to a separate drive, while having only that one drive connected. Nothing in the each OS'es BCD store gets overwritten (since other drives housing other versions of Windows are not connected, it is literally impossible for that to happen), and you can either use the boot selection menu (usually by pressing the F8, F11, or F12 keys just after POST to bring it up) to pick the specific drive you want to boot from with the corresponding operating system, or you can boot from one drive only, and modify the boot options later to include both OS'es.

    You might be able to use the Windows 7 bcdedit.exe tool from the command line to modify the boot loader, but I don't know how Windows 8.1 will react. There are also free tools out there with friendlier GUI's that can help you do this (like EasyBCD), but I've personally had them completely screw up my bootloader on multiple occasions, so I don't really trust them. Other people have used them successfully though, so they are capable of working properly. If you do use any of these GUI based tools, make sure there is a backup option so you can back up your existing boot loader in case anything does go wrong and you need to restore the original.
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