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About two weeks ago, I purchased two GTX 670 FTW+'s from a guy on eBay. About a week later, I receive both cards, and both are in perfect condition. However, they came with water blocks on them (I knew this at the time of purchase) and was only able to put one card in my system, as I had to order the correct bridge (the one shipped was too big). Now, I have the correct bridge, and as far as water cooling goes, it works just fine. I turn Windows on and GeForce Experience, GPU-Z, and everything else sees both cards. However, in the Nvidia Control Panel, there was nothing about SLI in any of the options. I even had my friend with dual GTX 480's look at it, and he had no idea. I have one SLI bridge connecting the two cards, and both cards work just fine individually, but no SLI option. Am I doing something wrong?
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  1. you have to turn sli on in the Nvidia control panel. there should be a tab for "Maximize 3D performance" it has an "enable sli" button
  2. But the option doesn't show up in the control panel.

    Here are what each of the settings within the "3D Settings" menu contains for me: (in this one you can see that it detects the second card)
  3. what drivers are you using? only one monitor?
  4. I am using the current drivers, which would be 331.82.

    For my monitor, I am using one Dell P2212H.
  5. and your monitor is plugged into the top card, right? the last photo you linked where you said"(in this one you can see that it detects the second card)" on the bottom right of that panel you should have the buttons to disable or clicking that off "enables" the sli
  6. The monitor is plugged into the top port of the card in the first PCI-E slot.

    This is the entire "Configure Surround, PhysX" screen:
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    Try swapping the cards and trying the second card in the first slot to make sure both cards are working on their own.
    Check that you have installed the latest drivers for your motherboard and then do a clean installation of the latest Nvidia drivers.
    During the Nvidia drivers installation , choose custom install, and check the box that says perform clean install , after that is done check the Nvidia panel again to see if there is an option to enable SLI.
  8. Thanks, monsta. I didn't quite swap the cards, as the way I have my water cooling set up, but I placed the card in the second PCI-E slot in the third PCI-E slot and everything worked perfectly.
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