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Is there any way to remove part of a program to get rid of a bug? Malwarebytes has picked up a bug on a security sweep that it missed when I installed this program. The program is PrimoPDF. It's so easy to use a blind man could use it. You just create your work in another program, like Microsoft Works, then just drag it on top of the Primo Icon and it creates a PDF. Just that easy. Problem is it also has this bug. Malwarebytes says it's a PUP.Optional.O... Is there anyway to remove the spyware from it without losing the whole thing?
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  1. PUP stands for Potentially Unwanted Program. Keep it if you trust it.
  2. jessterman21 said:
    PUP stands for Potentially Unwanted Software. Keep it if you trust it.
  3. I wasn't sure what that was so thanks very much
  4. Did you download Primo PDF from the developers site or from CNET? You may have gotten malware if you got it from a different site. PUP just means Potentially Unwanted Program. Malwarebytes flags legitimate software on my PC all the time.
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    This Potentially Unwanted Propgram is also bundled within the custom installer on many download sites (examples: CNET, Brothersoft or Softonic)

    PrimoPDF Freeware standalone Virtual printer, for Microsoft .NET Framework and uses Ghostscript and RedMon. Connects with Includes Open Candy adware.
  6. If memory serves me right I got it from the developer. I'm pretty careful about CNET and sites like it.
    I had some issues with my Windows program and just had to do a repair install. When I ran Malwarebytes it flagged Primo. I would like to say I trust it. If I were to delete the file that lets it connect to the internet would that make it safer?
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