My PC keeps getting weird black outs and from time to time grey vertical lines and restarts?

Hi, recently I've started having problems with my PC. It's been about 6 months and everything was fine until now. My pc started to get this random grey vertical lines from random times and It'll restart by itself. I noticed when starting certain dots of my screen were of different color and the log in white letters changed to a weird blue-greenish color .I noticed it took it a lot of time to start back up again and it seemed really ODD. Then I tried and it kept restarting and told me to wait. Then it said something about system 32 and (strl.txt or something like that). So I unknowingly (im a complete dumbass w/ computers) I "refreshed" my pc and it removed all my applications. From time to time it black outs and the cursor goes back to the center of the screen. I also notices it's realllllly slow . Also for some reason it says I have only 200Gb free of 900Gb? It deleted all my games and softwares :/

Please help me find a solution this :)

PS: Im a novice in this awesome site, so tell me if I should ask ths same question on a different board that is not windows 8
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  1. This sounds like a classic video card problem. Probably failing and needs to be RMA'ed. If by chance you have no separate graphics card installed, this opens up a bit to more points of failure. Post your system specs though and we can say for sure.
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