G1610 Intel HD Graphics good enough?

I'm making a new budget system and am wondering if Celeron G1610's Intel HD Graphics in combination with a basic H61 motherboard would be good enough to run HD movies.
It will never run any games, will be mainly used for internet browsing, youtube, Office and an occasional HD movie.
And this might sound like a silly question, but I want to be sure: Will it also run Windows Aero?
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  1. Looks like it should to me.

    I'm on a laptop on integrated graphics (Intel HD 4000) and it runs video fine. Even plays some games, it is however an i3. That clock speed is also higher than the one I'm on, as well as the graphics frequency and was released in 2013.

    So to answer your question, I believe yes. Not 100% sure so you may want to wait and see what other Tom's users say, I'm not too familiar with integrated GPUs. :) It was released in 2013 so I'd be hard pressed to believe that it wouldn't even play video smoothly.
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    I have G1610 in a basic system and it ran hd movies and youtube fine. I never ran Windows Aero so no answer to that. I later added a hd6570 for $25 and it improved the speed a lot.
  3. Thank you both for your answers. Looks like I can take my chances with CPU's internal graphics. If it doesn't work, I can always buy an extra GPU :)
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