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Two small businesses share a common internet. both see each other's computers because both businesses share folders among themselves. Both businesses need to be hidden from each other. WIN 7 Pro Workgroups, homegroups don't help, blocking IPs doesn't work. I have second router, E1200, and need some clues as to it's setup to accomplish the separation. Win 7 Pro supports 4 of the six computers which I am responsible for, the other two computers are Win 7 but not Pro. Hardware items are WRT54G2 router, and two Cisco switches to connect the 7 computers and 3 printers.
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  1. Best solution is to load dd-wrt on one of your routers and create 2 networks and then put in filter rules that prevent and contact.

    You would need 3 routers to do it without and that would depend on the nat to prevent the networks from seeing each other.
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