Laptop Just to Play the Sims 3 (possibly 4).

Hello everyone, With Christmas and my mom's birthday approaching rather quickly, I wanted to finally get her a laptop. Her desktop computer crashed years ago so she hasn't been able to play it, just a tablet and an iPhone.

Can you recommend me a laptop that would be just fine for that? rice isn't really that much of an issue, but I don't think it should cost anywhere as much as mine. No more than $500?

Also should i just hold out till Black Friday and try to get something even cheaper than? whats your opinion? Thanks in advance for your help, its greatly appreciated.
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  1. This $400 17" HP should be fine for the Sims 3. While the integrated Radeon HD 8550g is not going to allow her to play Crysis 3, for the Sims 3 it should bet fine at worse she would need to drop the resolution from 1600x900 to 1366x768, but I really, really doubt that would be necessary. Should be fine for Sims 4, but that's just an educated guess.

    It only has 4GB of RAM (I think it is soldered in), so installing another stick of 4GB of RAM should help improve performance a bit because with only one stick of RAM the RAM will be operating in single channel mode (half the bandwidth) instead of dual channel mode. I think it should improve performance by about 15%.
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    You can also check out the following $480 15.6" Acer. It has a more powerful AMD APU with the Radeon HD 8650g. It has 6GB of RAM which means there is a 2GB stick which also means it will be operating in dual channel mode. However, it only has 1366x768 screen. Overall, better for playing games, but the lower resolution means less usable desktop space.
  3. Try a Lenovo G50-30
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