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I've got one for you: my mouse is doing some weird things in WoW. Frequently, when trying to click on a target, right or left click, my character will turn 90 degrees in a seemingly random direction, and target whatever is in that direction. When flying, I'll use numlock for run-lock, and when I click to steer, it will head me off in some random direction. I tried a different mouse, but I get the same thing. I don't think this is a mouse problem. I'm running Windows 8.1 as my OS. Need any more details? What do you think would cause this?

It's getting annoying while trying to tank an instance only to be unable to target a group after 3 or 4 clicks like this. My group ends up taking off without me and getting the healer killed.
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  1. You sure you don't have a stuck key some where or maybe click to move is turned on and screwing you up.

    Honestly never heard of that problem so just guessing here.
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    There are known issues with Windows 8 (and 8.1) and your mouse; from lag, erratic movement, etc.
    Make sure you have updated Windows to the latest patches.

    If the problem persists, do an internet search with your favorite search engine, there is a ton of information along with some purported fixes, if you're alright with registry editing.

    If you're using an optical/laser mouse, make sure the surface below is appropriate, and that there is nothing blocking the sensor. If it's a ball mouse (lol), clean it.

    I see you've mentioned using a different mouse with the same results, so I'd imagine it's a Windows issue.

    Can't think of anything else to try, hopefully this helps you solve the issue.
  3. I found the workaround for now: disabling display scaling. It reduced this problem by about 95%, but it does still happen every once in a while. I suppose I should have started with googling it in the first place. Thanks.
  4. Not worries - glad you were able to find a solution, however temporary.
    Hopefully with future patches Microsoft will address this widespread issue.

  5. On this, I was having issues with WoW with my mouse. I'm running windows 8.1 preview. The wierdest thing to correct the problem was when I downloaded Nvidia Experience (I think thats what it's called) as long as I kept it open, fixed the issue. I could tell because I never had the issue and after a patch update, I didn't need it opened anymore.
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