In need of help with graphic cards

I need your help. I am officially ready to burn this computer or throw it off the balcony. I am some what of a "noob" when it comes to these things so be gentle.

Long story short the integrated (onboard) card on the motherboard has gone completely vibrant with bright colors. It is like someone messed with the contrast and brightness and faded out anything that is white. It hurts my eyes, but it is still working. I've tried everything to get it to work properly again.

Starting with: restarting the computer, reseeding the cables, trying new cables, re-calibrating the color for the monitor, updating and installing new drivers, restoring to a different point before all this happened, trying the monitor out on my xbox 360 (yes it works) and even in safe mode it still shows the messed up colors. Ugh!

So what happens next? I figured I would drop down from the integrated (VGA) to the other video card (DVI) that was installed when I bought the computer, but wait that went out a long time ago. Yes, one day about three years ago it just went black so I never used it again and just used the onboard. Now the onboard is about to go.

So what did I do now? I went to Tiger Direct asked to get a new video card, to replace the one that went out three years ago, I brought in the old and they hooked me up, the only thing is that card didn’t work. Why? They said because my PSU was not enough to power it. So I returned it. They went on to say that they don’t sell what I need and to just get a new computer. Not acceptable. Yes its seven years old, but I’ve upgraded it.

So I went on eBay found multiple cards just like the one I had in there before and bought it. I installed the drivers off line and installed the card and still a black screen.

So at the moment I have a very vibrant screen, an old video card, and the same card bought from eBay.

Please help.


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  1. I know you don't want to hear it but it may be time for a new rig. WAIT! Don't throw me off the balcony yet! I say this because, just maybe your PSU is getting ready to kick the bucket. If you can't get a (new) card to work that you had working before and the monitor is fine (works with xbox) and now the onboard video is having some really messed up issues, the PSU starting to fail would be my bet.
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