How Do I Overclock My GPU Properly ?

Hello everybody and today I ask you guys how do I overclock my GPU correctly. The graphics card i have is a Radeon HD 7970 from XFX. The reason I want to overclock is because people all over the forums are recommending overclocking. Now, I would like to know what program I would use to overclock and how do I do it CORRECTLY without damaging my GPU. Thanks

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  1. use AMD Overdrive in Catalyst Control Center or MSI Afterburner.
  2. jjs0891 said:
    use AMD Overdrive in Catalyst Control Center or MSI Afterburner.

    But how do I propely overclock, like how do I change the settings properly
  3. How to overclock with MSI Afterburner

    there are billions of guides on the internet
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    there is no "correct" or "proper" way to overclock, and there is no 100% safe way. there are many different utilities you can use, sapphire trix, msi afterburner, oc guru etc. generally you want to start with small steps, then run a test like unigine through a few passes to check for stability/graphical arifacts, and if all is good and temperatures are ok, you can oc some more. Generally just increasing mhz and keeping your temps within spec wont kill your card and is pretty safe. increasing voltage and running higher temperatures and then the risks increase. but there is no guarantee with overclocking.
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