When booting into a windows 7 usb install disk, the screen is black with the cursor, and then the cursor disappears

I made a windows 7 usb install disk on my desktop, and then, I went to my laptop, and booted from it. I got past the starting windows logo, and then, the screen turns black, but the cursor is still there, and then, like 1 minute later, the cursor disappears, and the screen stays black.
By the way, the disk drive is broken, and when I plug in my USB Disk Drive to boot, it is not detected. The laptop currently has no operating system because, originally, it was pre-installed with windows vista, and the installation suddenly disappeared, and I could not boot, so I tried making a windows XP install disk, which did not work, so I tried Ubuntu Linux, which did not detect my internal hard drive, so I decided to install windows 7 instead.

My laptop has:
2 Gb RAM
AMD Turion 64 X2
Nvidia Graphics
Broadcom Wireless Card

This time that I booted into the USB install disk, and then, the screen was covered in diagonal lines that were multi coloured.

And then this time, it was a black screen with white diagonal lines
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  1. if the drive do not work even if you use a usb drive to boot it will need to put the files somewhere to work you need to get a new drive .
  2. so i should try using a new USB drive?
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    no the files need to be decompress for the os to work so you need a new hdd .
  4. oh, so I should get a new internal hard disk?
  5. yes .
  6. I figured it out, my old broken ps3 had a hard disk, so I tried using it, and as soon as I tried to boot in, I was able to launch the setup properly,and it installed :D thanks so much!
  7. But now I have another question. How do I fix my old hard drive?
  8. if you could not have acces to it there no fix you could do .
  9. When I plug my hard drive into my desktop computer, it is detected, and I was able to erase all my old windows vista files, so does that mean that my hard disk is fine?
  10. use the drive maker test tool with short and long test that wil tell if there is nothing else with the drive .
  11. where can I find the drive maker test tool? is it built into windows 7? or is it the hard disk self check in the bios config?
  12. give me the name and model of your hdd i link to it .
  13. I have the hitachi hts541616j9sa00 160gb
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