Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Express Gate keeps self disabling and will not load Windows

Express gate fails to load and stops or fails to load Windows. Boot to Bios to find Express Gate disabled but after resetting Express Gate to Auto or Enabled, same issue upon booting computer - Express Gate is again disabled. After multiple attempts computer use to eventually show express gate then load Windows after time out, but now it will not no mater how many times I re-enable Express Gate in the bios. I tried re-installing Express Gate once when it started and re-loaded my bios from my original Asus disc, but not change.
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  1. If you don't really need it, disable it permanently. Wait a few extra seconds for Windows to boot and if you want more speed buy an SSD. This was never a full baked product.

    Did you ever notice that this was like a 5 year old product that you don't see anymore?
  2. This is a computer I built about 5 years ago. This problem has only surfaced within the last few months. Since the Express Gate resides in the Bios, the only way to remove it is to change the bios, right? The computer will not even go to load Windows when Express Gate is disabled in the Bios. How else can you disable permanently it or remove it from the Bios? I tried to flash an old Bios before Express Gate was issued but it would not since it said the Bios was older than the motherboard. I did update the Bios to the latest edition with no change in Express Gate auto disabling and not starting Windows.
  3. If you cannot disable it in the old bios, perhaps they made some allowance to disable it in a later version?
  4. The old and new bios has the ability to disable, enable or set to auto. Regardless of selecting enable or auto and saving the changes, it automatically goes back to disabled. That would be ok since I really don't want to use Express Gate, but in the disabled setting, Express Gate fails to load and the boot process stops without going on to load Wiindows.
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    I new the hard drive was nearly full and needed delete or move some files, but since the Express Gate resides in the bios on this motherboard, I was trying to solve that problem to be able to reliably start the computer. Since all changes to load updated bios did not solve the problem, I tried reducing the files on the hard drive and then starting the computer. Bingo....all is working fine now!
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