Need advice on a Z87 LGA 1150 Mobo

So, I have a pretty good understanding of mobos, but when you really really get down to it, i dont understand what makes one $50 more expensive past $140 or so.. Heres some examples i was looking at, can you tell me why ones way more than another? Or maybe show me one you like differently? Thanks in advance!

MSI Z87-G43:

MSI Z87-G45


MSI Z87-G65

ASUS Sabertooth

I have an ASUS mobo now and like them quite a bit, but idk, what do you think? Why is the G43 way cheaper than the G65? (other than usb 3.0 ports and PCI express x16 slots)

Oh, i only need 2 way SLI in the future and id like to overclock easily! Oh, ill be using an i7-4770k
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    I am in the same position as u, and can't decide what board to go for.But i did some research on those MSI boards, and the differences between them aren't really that big. The G43 doesn't support SLI if i remember correctly, the G45 does support it, the G65 has some extra features. out of those, i wanted to go for the G45, but then i found the G55 normal series, which is basicaly exactly the same as the 45, but 30€ cheaper, so i wanted to go for that. But then found the ASRock Z87M Extreme4, which is the mATX version of the normal board, which is the best(slightly better) acording to,review-32757-26.html

    I could really use some advice in terms of reliability and quality (MSI military components vs ASRock gold made in Japan)
    But now i can't decide what board to go for, so any advice is kindly appreciated :D

    If you really want 2 way SLI, the G43 isnt an option (check link, dutch).
    G65 has more power phases (12 vs 7) and is Nvidia SLI compatible. But if you scroll further down, the G43 does it better on preformance..
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