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Need advice on a Z87 LGA 1150 Mobo

Last response: in Motherboards
November 22, 2013 9:23:33 PM

So, I have a pretty good understanding of mobos, but when you really really get down to it, i dont understand what makes one $50 more expensive past $140 or so.. Heres some examples i was looking at, can you tell me why ones way more than another? Or maybe show me one you like differently? Thanks in advance!

MSI Z87-G43:

MSI Z87-G45


MSI Z87-G65

ASUS Sabertooth

I have an ASUS mobo now and like them quite a bit, but idk, what do you think? Why is the G43 way cheaper than the G65? (other than usb 3.0 ports and PCI express x16 slots)

Oh, i only need 2 way SLI in the future and id like to overclock easily! Oh, ill be using an i7-4770k

Best solution

November 23, 2013 4:08:55 AM

I am in the same position as u, and can't decide what board to go for.But i did some research on those MSI boards, and the differences between them aren't really that big. The G43 doesn't support SLI if i remember correctly, the G45 does support it, the G65 has some extra features. out of those, i wanted to go for the G45, but then i found the G55 normal series, which is basicaly exactly the same as the 45, but 30€ cheaper, so i wanted to go for that. But then found the ASRock Z87M Extreme4, which is the mATX version of the normal board, which is the best(slightly better) acording to

I could really use some advice in terms of reliability and quality (MSI military components vs ASRock gold made in Japan)
But now i can't decide what board to go for, so any advice is kindly appreciated :D