First time Pc Build, Need some advice before I move on

I have only bought prebuilt pc's in the past and I'm planning on building my own this time around. If anyone can give me any ideas if this is a good set up and if there is anything I need to change. This is going to be a gaming pc, I mostly play games like WoW, LoL but I plan to play more graphic intensive game like BF4 and Batman Arkham Origins

Here is my part list:

Thanks for any help you can give.
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  1. Should be ok...
  2. It looks fine, try looking at replacing that Razer Keyboard, try a mechanical keyboard, they last longer and are usually higher quality overall. Just a suggestion, plus it can save you some extra cash.
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    Yea don't get a Razer Blackwidow as a mechanical keyboard. There are plenty of great mechanical keyboards for cheaper. Maxkeyboards have their BF sale going on. You can get a cheap CM Storm Mech board for around $50-60 after rebate. If you're looking into macro keys included with the board the Corsair k90, k70 (maybe k60 or k65) should have some sales going on. There's a whole world out their for mechanical keyboards.

    This might be a little dated but worth a look.
  4. ^ that's what I'll be buying the k90 just because it's such a sexy keyboard!
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