Seagate 7200.14 vs Western Digital Caviar Black


I'm trying to make a PC build, and I can't decide which of these 2 HDD's I should take.

Here are some pros and cons I found:

Seagate 7200.14:
+Better Value
+Somewhat better processing speed
-Heard that it's not be reliable and breaks easily
-1 year warranty

Western Digital Caviar Black:
+More reliable and trusted
-Less speed
-Worse value

What do you guys think? Have any of your seagate or WD drives broken yet?
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  1. different disk..
    I'm using hitachi as my desktop harddrive..

    cool harddrive, fast, and it's seem more durable than both..

    i've already use seagate and wd 1tb..well, all of them broken in 2 years.
  2. I have the 1 TB Seagate drive which I bought in August and it is still going strong. Very fast and quiet! Warranty on mine is 2 years, verified with Seagate. Highly recommended!

  3. You really cant go wrong with either the seagate or the western digital. I went with the western digital after reading countless reviews and comparisons saying the western digital was slightly quieter and more reliable.
  4. Best answer
    using a few 7200.14 drives myself.
    I was with wd black drives since maxtor got bought up, but I couldn't stomach the idea of an upgrade without density increase so I went seagate.
    They are faster, and generally lower price.

    As far as reliability or "trust" goes it's mostly a brand loyalty or "luck of the draw" thing and depends who you ask.
    The 3yr warranty is a plus for the wd side, and many people value that.
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