PC will not boot with video card installed. EVGA superclocked GTX 760

First time build. When i have the EVGA SuperClocked 02G-P4-2765-KR GeForce GTX 760 installed, the pc turns on but does not start the bios. The error given is AE. With the card out it would go to the bios.

I pulled the video card out and installed Win 7 premium using the motherboard graphics.

I put the video card back in and it will not boot. Pulled the card and system boots up.

I have 2 power supply cables coming from the PSU (silencer mk iii 750w) going to the video card. one cable is a 6 pin pci and the other is an 8 pin.

Do i have the power supply connected right to the video card?
there is an adapter that has 2 six pin connectors going into 1 eight pin connector. Am i suppose to have 3 power cables going to video card?

Thanks ahead for the help!

My Build.

processor: intel i5-4670k

mobo: gigabyte Z87X-UD3H

EVGA superclocked GTX 760

case: corsair 500R

psu: pc power/cooling silencer mk iii 750

5-120mm case fans 1-200mm side fan.

pcu cooler: cooler master 212 evo

ssd: ocz sata 3 2.5" 128G

hd: WD black 1TB
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    Your card is connected properly.

    Update the BIOS to F7:

    As BIOS release note suggests, update USB driver prior to updating it. Select your windows version to see the newest drivers:

    Use USB pendrive and Q-Flash method as described in this guide:
  2. Thanks Bejusek! That was the problem. Thanks again!
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