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how do we reset a system administrator password in windows7?

we had to let an employee go and he has one of our computers setup as him being the SA. we can not do anything on this computer without his password and we are not getting that from him. We are a small shop and any info would be great. Thank you in advance.
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  1. We can not help you with Passwords, if you did not ensure you had some sort of backup plan (like a password reset disc), then sorry.
  2. I understand you cannot help me with his password. But I need to know how to remove the password or the entire sa account so we can open the files and programs. There is no password reset disc. There should have never even been a password on that computer.
  3. Sorry, we can not help you as we can not confirm ownership. Please refer to forum terms.
  4. "I understand you cannot help me with his password. But I need to know how to remove the password"

    You are contradicting yourself. If we showed you how to remove the password, that would surely be helping you with the password.

    No help with passwords means exactly that.
  5. ??? How can I confirm ownership???
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    look elsewhere, you would not be able to confirm ownership with anyone here. Anything you post could be photoshopped. This clause is there to stop thieves from getting support for cracking stolen systems.
  7. I am not willing to risk my membership here by assisting you find a source. Let me just say that if you have any hardware or software issues where you are not asking us to disable security systems we will gladly oblige. I will not be able to further help you with this particular problem.
  8. Why don't you have the password may I ask?
  9. Name calling and other sophomoric posts removed. Thread closed.
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