What should I buy next (Gaming PC)

These are the specs of my PC as it stands at the moment:
- Intel i5 2500k, Quad Core, overclocked at 4.1GHz
- GTX 660 Ti, 2GB, Direct CU II
- 128GB SSD, 6GB/s (keeps windows 7 and some more intensive programs like after effects)
- 1TB HDD, 7200rpm
- 8GB DDR3 RAM, Not sure how many MHz
- 650W Corsair PSU
- I think my motherboard is the 'Asus P8H61-MX'

It runs very well and I was wondering what everyone thinks I should upgrade next, I was thinking of buying another 660 Ti and running them SLI or a 500GB SSD to store the majority of my games, I dont know much about RAID but could I run my SSD at the moment in RAID 0 with a new 500 GB one? What would be the best option, any other suggestions? I could sell my 660 Ti and buy a new one. Would really like to hear any suggestions.

Thankyou in advance, Tom.
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  1. You need better motherboard. Your current mobo won't support sli/crossfire. Get better motherboard and another 660 ti and you should be good.
  2. I'd go with a GPU upgrade, SSDs are still too expensive to be worth it right now. You can't run RAID 1 or 0 with drives of different sizes. You could however, use microsoft's disk manager to make the computer think it only has one drive.
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    An SSD won't really make games run all that much faster. Sure they will load faster, but generally any online game has to wait for the slowest person to load or has some kind of wait period so that people aren't disadvantaged so going well out of your way to speed that up seems a little silly unless you really care about single player game load times. But really, if it's a difference between 3 or 6 seconds do you really care all that much?

    With a 650 watt PSU you should be able to run the 660ti's SLI fine, but SLI seems like more hassle than it's worth, especially in single monitor or regular 1080p uses. My vote here would be to sell the 660ti and switch up to something like a 770 or even a 290.

    Possibly the better option is just to wait another year or so and then upgrade the whole machine instead when something really worth it is available.
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