HHD not showing after windows 7 install

I have just built a computer and everything is fine but when i installed windows on the computer both my SSD and HDD were showing. Now once installed onto my SSD the HDD doesn't show in 'My Computer'
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  1. If your board has more than one sata or ide controller, you may have to ensure the drivers for those are installed before the drive shows up.

    Do you see the drive in device management and disk management?
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    I think you installed OS on SSD, and leave the HDD unformatted, so not showing on "Computer". If so, then you can do the partition under Disk Management, or you can create partitions with a bootable media(DVD/USB), just like you did on SSD, except the OS installation.

    Note : Unplug the SSD when creating partitions on HDD.
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