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Hello everyone!
I have 2 HP Compaq NC4200s I bought from a friend and i'm currently re-installing Windows XP to get them ready for new uses. Unfortunately Internet Explorer 8 won't install and gets stuck during the "Downloading Updates for Internet Explorer 8" stage. Bear in mind these systems don't have viruses as I have just freshly installed Windows XP SP3. I also have Automatic Updates enabled and am having the infamous "100% svchost.exe CPU Usage" problem. Is there any way around this? I need them ready and fully updated by Monday.

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  1. I actually just had all the same issues the last week been a pain but i figured it out. when u go to install IE8 it should say failed to install and give you a link to Microsoft Windows. this link will take u to a security update download and install the update. if your using xp home rightclick the update after u save it to your desktop and run it as admin. after u install the security update and restart the computer run IE8 again this time it should work. the svhost.exe that is running 100% is actually the windows update and security shield. if u end task it you will not be able to update windows. now prepare for more anger as i had a crap-load of problems at this point. Microsoft update will not work still. if u go to the microsoftupdate site it will tell you to download software for it to work, by click the go button above the express and custom buttons. install it. windows auto updater/microsoft autoupdater will work now but not the autoupdater website..... but you will have to wait it made me wait 2 days before the autoupdate build into my desktop to actually work. I even did microsoft autoupdate fixer and alot of other debugging and trouble shooting like you wouldnt believe. Windows offers very little advice on this issue and the information they do offer you has nothing to do with what is going on, one u install about a bunch of updates through the autoupdate build into you computer launch the microsoft autoupdate website again it will work instead of pretending to scan your comp. also u should check out Ccleaner and run it on your comp to resolve alot of reg errors that will be there or your comp will run like crap
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