Suggestions for a good gaming monitor or TV?

Following the guidelines:

I'm in the US.

Plan to use it for gaming and web browsing mostly.

1080p is my preferred resolution, even if i could afford 1440p i also will use this for a ps3 as well as pc games.

Refresh rate doesn't matter to me, what you think is best.

300$ is my current max with 250$ or lower being ideal, though with black friday coming up, i'll take suggestions on ones above 300$ within reason due to the likeliness of good deals.

I mostly do not care about the brand, though i have had good experience with samsung and ASUS.

Only brand i wish to avoid is spectre tv's, had one for 6 months as a monitor and it died recently.

I'm only buying one monitor due to using this for consoles as well.

I believe my 7950 can support up to 6 displays.

I would prefer DVI or displayport, however HDMI is fine as long as there are 2 of them.

Primary Display.

Not connecting to a laptop, only pc and recent consoles.

I'm not really experienced with monitor buying, not sure on contrast ratio, if i should get an IPS or TN, or if refresh rate should bother me or not since most games i pay prefer not to go over 60 fps.
Basically, i just want a monitor or tv with a great picture that will be between 25 and 32 in, with 27 in being the sweetspot.

Any help is valued and much appreciated.
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  1. Raheel Hasan said:

    Problem is the screen size, i need one that is at minimum of 25 in, preferably 27 and up.
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