G.Skill ram question.

I'm looking at the

But it's a little expensive. I was wondering, is it possible to get only one stick of the 8gb? instead of the expensive pack of both together?
If not, which ram do you recommend i get with a £100 budget. Looking for 8gb, either 1 x 8gb or 2 x 4gb.
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  1. Are you wanting the same RAM Frequency (2400MHz)?
  2. Well, performance bench arks show it can improve game performance slightly, like on battlefield 4. I'd prefer having 2400MHz though
  3. http://www.ebuyer.com/412028-kingston-8gb-ddr3-2400mhz-hyperx-xmp-beast-series-khx24c11t3k2-8x These are great sticks and probably the cheapest decent RAM with that frequency. There is a difference with higher frequency RAM but you are only 1-5% better off. In real life terms you are not going to notice any real difference unless you do a lot of editing work ect.
  4. Yeah thats good RAM I have a pair of GSkill sticksbut they are 1600MHz.
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