PSU for a MSI GTX 770 Lightning?

Hey guys, I will be building my own desktop by this end of the year and I was wondering which PSU will support the GPU?

I'm planning to buy a Corsair 750TXM (Non modular) for it. It's just the pins that worries me a lot. Would it support? Which is the best brand for a PSU?

Much love to the community!
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  1. whats ur country of origin and budget sir?
  2. The Corsair you mention in your thread will have no problem powering a GTX770.
  3. +1 sr-71
  4. I appreciate the replies! Huge respect to SR-71 Blackbird for moderating the forums, isn't an easy job to do. I live here in Malaysia so everything is WAY expensive than in America.

    What about the 8pins and 6pins? Like, does all PSUs come with the same amount of pins? I'm confused about that.
  5. No they don't.Not all PSU's are created equal.
  6. So how do I know that the PSU I'm buying will be able to support my components? Do I have to check everything one by one? Thanks again!
  7. What I mean is, the pins that connect to all parts of the system, not the wattage. I'm just afraid that I wouldn't have enough pins to support everything in my build. Sorry to confuse you.
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    You can locate the number of PCIE connections. in the PSU'S specs.
  9. Thank you!
  10. good luck sir. thank you
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