Will my corsair H50 fit a socket 1150 board?

So I will be upgrading to socket 1150 from a 1366.
Currently I'm running a h50 water cooler i got in 2011 and wondering if will still fit the new board?
Anyone have any insight?
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    Regarding the corsair site YOU COULD NOT :

    But as this post state - YOU CAN GO FOR IT
    It will fit with the mounts for 1155

    and reading this you can be 100% sure also :

    Cooling systems for LGA 1155 and LGA 1156 sockets are compatible with LGA 1150, due to them having the same distance of 75 mm between each screw hole
  2. Thank you kind sir:D
  3. Doesn't fit. I just bought from NewEgg last week (and was assembling today, until this!) an ASUS Z97M-PLUS motherboard (LGA 1150) with a (very good priced!) i5-4440 (and stoopid me, naturally not overclocking and I should have been content with the stock Intel cooler), I purchased also a Corsair H50 Hydro (because of a $20 rebate) to all go inside a new build with a Corsair Carbide Air 240. Anyway, the back-plate that came with the H50 just does not fit the 4 pre-drilled cooler mounting holes in the motherboard (they are in a 75mm square). The back-plate has three options to mount the screw nuts in holes at the 4 corners, but you cannot get to a 75mm spacing. I just put in a ticket to Corsair support - let's see how they handle this - thinking that perhaps they have a different back-plate that fits the 1150 better. (If they don't, my "reverse-Lithuanian engineering" fix will probably be to just clip the thin dies of the back-plate and just mount the sides - you can get a 75mm spacing on each side of the fat part of the back-plate - it's just the thin parts need to be overly stretched or shrunk to get it square. Less elegant, but it'll ptobably work fine, and you'll never see it on the rear of the MB.) Hope that helps, notlouis. More if/when I hear from Corsair Support.
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