My front panel MICROPHONE jack is not working.

I've quadruple checked to make sure everything is adequately connected, and it is. I'm unsure what the issue is. My front panel USB 3.0's work perfectly fine. The headphone jack is also working.

However, the microphone jack is not working.

Everything else on the motherboard works perfectly fine as well. I can use the microphone via back of the motherboard. However, I want to find out if something is defective and I need your help.

I'd also like to say that despite me plugging a microphone in the front panel, the computer will say that there's nothing connected.

My motherboard is a G1 Sniper M3 (Gigabyte).
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  1. check the audio parts in the user manual starting page 88 they tell you how to set the mic
  2. Alright. I had to have a friend help me with that and after a while of tinkering with it, I didn't get it to work.

    However, I did manage to get a response telling me the microphone is plugged in.
  3. now it is detect see in the audio panel for recording if it set to and that is not mute .
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