Single 770 vs 7950/7970 crossfire?

Hey there tomshardware, my friend says a single Nvidia 770 will easily beat a 7950/7970 crossfire configuration.

What are your opinions?

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  1. Depends on the game. If the game is capable of utilizing crossfire(most if not all newer games can) the single 770 would get killed.
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    He's definitely wrong. The gtx 770 and HD7970 are in the same tier of cards and perform very similarly, with the 770 winning out slightly overall.

    Two 7950/7970's do battle with the gtx 690, 780ti, and HD7990.

    Here's a comparison of the two single cards (770 vs 7970):
  3. a single 7970ghz matches a 770, trading blows depending on game/resolution/in-game settings. so a crossfire 7970 would destroy a 770, although then you get all the associated bugs and problems that come with crossfire.
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