If You Could PLEASE! Help Me? My Computer Keeps Randomly Restarting. I've tried Everything =(

Ok so here's the deal. I Built my computer two years ago and here are the specs: it has an i5 2500k no overclock, 8gb g skill ram. two ssd's, two hard drives. a gtx 580 no overclock, and a corsair hx850 power supply. Recently all of a sudden my computer decided to randomly restart. and when it does this it gives no blue screen or anything. and there are no errors in event viewer other than eventid 41 which is critical power failure or something. when it restarts it might work for another 5 minutes to 5 hours to 1 second or less. it is entirely random. I've tried nearly everything to trouble shoot. i took it all apart and tried testing each component one by one. i stress tested the ram and cpu. i've played games with all max settings on the gpu. and still its entirely random i could even be browsing the web or even in the bios or even in linux windows it doesn't matter it will ALWAYS EVENTUALLY HAPPEN. the amount of time it takes or actions necessary is completely random that i am sure. i have looked at all the wires etc. there is nothing shorting out. and the power supply is a top rated brand a premium model that can supply enough power for two of my pc's. i've tried everything and am not sure what the problem is. i am 100% sure however that it is a hardware problem. and as i was typing this once again it restarted. also right now i have put a house fan blowing into the computer right now lol so u know damn well it isn't an overheating problem. my first two guesses are a surprisingly faulty power supply or motherboard what do you think PLEASE HELP ME!
Also i have checked the cmos battery and switched the bios on my board and the problem still exists =(
also before this happened my brother who was visiting kept messing with a light switch that controlled the power to my computer to piss me off. aka basically ripping out the cord of the computer while using it several times.
also i have run burn in test and tested every single component to the max and guess what it didn't restart =( its totally random...
Here's what hardware ID says
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  1. thnx for all the help guys =(
  2. TATZU3D said:
    thnx for all the help guys =(

    I have the exact same problem, you sort it out!?
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