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Hi guys,

I have an old Thermaltake cpu cooler on my old core2duo. The fan speed can be controlled via a little twist knob mounted on the cooler. The twist knob hasn't worked for a while, but I could strangle adjust the speed by just moving around the wires leading to the knob, but recently it has stopped working all together. The fan is now spinning at max speed and is very loud and annoying. I'm wondering if there is a cheap replacement I could attach to reduce fan speed. A little 3 position switch would be ideal, but even a voltage reducer would be ok.

Just so you know, a 3 pin connector leads from the motherboard to the fan motor. 2 wires then come out of the fan motor and lead to a small female 2 pin connection. 2 wires coming from the twist knob lead into that connection. Unplugging the twist knob makes no difference, hence why I think its broken.

If someone could suggest something that would do the job, or even explain how the twist knob would actually works (is it just a variable resistor?) that would be much appreciated. Let me know if you need any more information.

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  1. bouncedk said:
    For super cheap I'd go with this one

    It's not ideal for mounting inside the case but you can hang/mount it outside the case if you want.

    Thanks bouncedk, I found something similar here but wasn't sure how it worked, the diagram in your link was very helpful. Looks like I just disconnect the current controller and then connect up the new one in-between the motherboard and the fan.

    FYI I discovered the cooler is a BigTyp 120 VX, here's some examples of what's there currently.
  2. bouncedk said:
    Wouldn't it be much easier for you to control the CPU fan speed outside the case? I'm not sure how you control it right now, surely you don't remove the case and manually turn that knob when needed? Also what kind of motherboard do you have? It might be able to control your 3pin cpu fan automatically depending on temperature.

    Yea it would. Someone just showed me this which I'll probably get. At the moment I just set it and forget it, never really adjust it. I'm not really interested in automatic control for this system, just want something simple to keep it going. I'll be building a new pc in a month or so :)
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