Need advice on a PCIe card that supports three monitors.

I have a Asus CG5270 computer.

I want to run three monitors from it. I already have the three monitors.
1 - 24 inch Dell HDMI
2 - envision pro 19 inch widescreen Models. these two are identical and have 1 VGA and One DVI input.

My PC currently has the on-board video , and a GT 220 that I'm currently using to run 2 of my monitors.. Is there a way to run three monitors with the on-board video running as well? or is that possible ? Can I just turn the on-board video on in the bios and it will work as well as the PCI Gt 220? and just hook the third monitor to it ? I have not tried that yet because I didn't know if that will work.

If the other cant work, I am looking for a card that will run all three at the same time. But I will not be playing games across the three monitors. Mainly surfing the web, mirc, and reading forums and such. any recommendations of specific cards would be great.

thanks in advance for your time and advice.

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  1. What budget, there's a ton of both nVidia and AMD GPUs that can handle what you want
  2. *I actually got a Saphire HD 5770 . I cannot get my third monitor working now matter what I try. I ordered a Display Port to HDMI cable. them monitor works.. but it is still seen as HDMI. I think that's keeping it from working. I think I need an ACTIVE Display adapter to make the HDMI work with a three monitor set up.
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