settings in BIOS for P5GZ-MX how to enable "o.c mode"

Good day, so I am trying to build a pc here with my e6300, and having a bit of trouble. had to scrap my last mobo for this one a P5GZ-MX manual says my c2d will go at 1066 fsb when I have a graphic card which do. But I just can't find where to enable "O.C. Mode" is? here is the set up

CPU: Intel E6300 1.86ghz
Ram: 2x 1gb DDR2
VGA: ASUS HD 6450 silent
HDD: WD 320gb Sata
Psu: Enermax 350w
O/S: Windows XP Pro SP3

I think I see it, it's just not called "o.c. mode" xD assistance would be great :D thanks so much.
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  1. If it helps at all here is the link, to the thread that ultimatly concluded to scrap the old board (P5N-T Deluxe) . I was fotunate to have found a compatible mobo already installed in the case, that I bought off of craigslist xD. I am at work right now so trying to get a solution to use when I get home first thing I do is see if I need to update the bios.
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