intel i7 4930k vs Xeon E5-2630v2 for video rendering and editing

Hi guys,

Just building a new grading / rendering machine. A year ago I wouldn't hesitate with the Xeon CPU, but now I see that the i7 is 6 cores as well and at a higher clockrate!
- Made me confused!

We only process 5K video material and that is 100 % CPU dependent!
And RAM, I need loads of ram atleast 32gb - but I can't figure out what system to buy.
I guess two Xeon CPU's with 64gb ram is better than the i7, but how much? Does it justify that the price is doubled?
Thanks in advance! I'm out in the deep here :)
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  1. Xeon Processor are used in "Server System"

    intel i7 4930k is good for "video rendering and editing"
  2. you sure can use the xeon...but it will be an overkill,if you just need video rendering and editing, the i7 is good and capable enough
  3. If you need over 32gb ram then go Xeon.
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