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So i see a lot of people asking weather this CPU will get me 60 FPS in BF4 on ultra/high settings and according to benchmarks, unless you have a severe bottleneck with a terribly low end cpu, the cpu you choose will not have SIGNIFICANT effects on your fps output. As long as your GPU is adequate you will receive good FPS in BF4.

According to the benchmarks, if you have an AMD Phenom II 6X 1100T CPU, you will only see a +-4 frame deviation from what your GPU is able to give you.

This information implies that as long as your CPU isn't significantly bottle necking your GPU then differences in FPS will be minimal when we go form one CPU to another.

As a result of this information, we now see that the most crucial part of our build geared toward running BF4 on ultra is the GPU and this benchmark should steer you in the right direction.

From analyzing this data, in order to play 60fps or better on high, must have a GTX 680 or R9 270X at minimum.

The R9 280x is your best option out of all of these cards coming in at $300!It is the same as a 660ti performs no where near the 280x, yet they are the same price. 280x gives you the most bang for your buck, anything better gives you diminishing returns. This info is also consistent with toms hardware official post on selecting the GPU for you.

So this should answer a lot of your questions on weather 'this build will run bf4 ultra at xx FPS'.
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    Those are for single player. The problem most people have is that they play single player just fine and then switch to multiplayer and have performance problems. This is because the multiplayer is a lot more cpu dependent than the single player.
    There are no benchmark results as far as I am aware of for multiplayer as getting consistent results is difficult because there is too much variation.
    maybe when the mantle update is released it will help with the problem due to the cpu not having to do as much work:)
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