First time build, need help with modular power supply

I am building my PC right now and I am having issues wiring up my fans with the fan hub. I believe i need to plug a molex into it but nothing I do seems to power the fans.

My build consists of
phantek enthoo primo case
4770k intel
asus maximus vi hero
EVGA gtx 770 4gb classified
evga 750w modular power supply
corsair h110
wd 1tb caviar black
samsung ssd 840 pro

further details
I have all my fans in the fan hub but the hub is not powered. What do I use to power the fan hub?
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More about time build modular power supply
  1. Best answer
    Do you want to use PWM control or case fan controller?

    Ither way you need to connect the moler to psu and then maybe best plug PWM to motherboad.

    I think asus do have goodfan control it self. o you can use it control some fans. Now then you power the caase fan controller. There is on/off button for fans in that system?

    Look this.
  2. That's great! I'm building for the first time and didn't connect the fans to the motherboard, I was just using molex to power them. (feel stupid now!) Now I just have to work out what is going on with a red vga led staying on. Does that mean an issue?

    Thanks so much!!
  3. What mobo + video card you have?

    Maybe best is read mobo user manual. Look bios settings too.

    Ur video card needs power cable put in. PCI-e connector give just 65w power.
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